Revman International

We always enjoy a creative challenge from our friends at Revman International. Revman wanted to make a visual statement via print advertising, proudly announcing their relocation to the Empire State Building. The team at Home Textiles Today offered Revman a unique opportunity to take over the cover page of the magazine at Market Week with a flip-up, double height page – perfect for the skyscraper impact needed for this ad. Our design team came up with the concept of representing Revman’s move using clean, white moving boxes and stacking them in the shape of the Empire State Building. The goal was to reveal the move in a an unconventional way while honoring the integrity of the brands themselves. We built the tower in our studio and photographed the 12′ tall structure. In the ad layout we added Revman’s impressive collection of brand logos to the boxes. The result is a fun, yet elegant piece that visually captures this landmark move.