Sleep Studio


At the unique intersection of comfort, luxury and sleep science sits one of our client’s ventures: Sleep Studio.

Mayo Studios Sleep Studio

Translating Design

After Sleep Studio completed their brand guidelines and visual identity systems in-house, Mayo Studios was tasked with applying those brand guidelines to their newly leased industry showroom in New York City’s Textile Building. After rendering all design details digitally, we coordinated all logistics to bring the vision to life. The showroom was a design studio for sleep, with custom fixtures highlighting the finest in luxury slumber.

Elevated Retail

Soon, Sleep Studio shifted to embrace a more consumer-facing presence, and with that shift came the need of their first retail store in Soho.

Mayo Studios was responsible for developing all brand identity to support the new retail initiative including all collateral, store signage, shopping bags, stationery, event materials, product packaging, e-commerce site and even designing custom wallpaper for the new outpost.
No detail was overlooked when it came to crafting the in-store experience; and with high visibility and even a feature in Print Magazine, the target market of Sleep Studio took notice as well.
Mayo Studios Sleep Studio
We are proud to say we had an involvement in every touchpoint of the customer experience at Sleep Studio.